Monday, 17 August 2015

The Trip Begins

Another hot day but with some early fog so it's a bit cooler. It soon burns off and we have the same Aussie weather again. After another delicious German breakfast we become the stars of the hotel owners photo shoot. I will have to check out his web site and see if we make an appearance. I gave the owner's wife a koala as a souvenir when we handed back the keys and she was very happy indeed!!
Then it was back to the festival to get ready for our departure at 11.00. One of our vehicles had broken down before the festival. Nice English couple, Clive and Jenny. Clive was an aeronautical engineer of some sort and he talked about all flight stuff with us. I think he had even done some stuff with the Concorde. Their diesel van had done something and for 3 days the help he had was amazing from all sorts of VW experts. The back of the engine was removed and put back on with tools from all of us. But at the end of the day it looked the heads have to come off to he was steeling himself for a battle with his insurance company. Hopefully he will get it on a truck and then hire a vehicle to join us soon.
We all gathered in a car park and the excitement was building. I counted 19 Syncros and a couple of "wring ins". 

We all lined up before departure.

We drove through the countryside of former East Germany and it was somewhat depressing to see the types of building and the lack of activity. We think they could still be suffering the after effects of the communist regime of the DDR. Then it was on the road heading to our lunch spot at a huge brown coal mine. Which is now a tourist attraction. Called Besucherbergwerk. It is massive and the largest movable structure in Europe. Although it no longer moves!! Took 1000 men to build for 2 years and then it was only used for 15 months before they realised it was uneconomical.

Check these photos along the way. I don't think Tony Abbott or Joe Hockey would like this view! How stupid are they regarding renewable energy?
After driving through the rain our thoughts turned to putting up tents. Could be interesting!
Our camping ground was much like Australia but it was very large and even had a thermal pool. It was located in a town on the outskirts of Dresden called Moritzburg. I went hunter gathering with a couple into town and has an experience shopping in a Store like Aldi called Lidl. They are also coming to Australia.
It was a damp night but we all chipped in and made the best of it. The small stainless steel bbq that Jorg had was very popular for the bratwurst. 
It was great going to sleep in a tent with the sound of rain falling from the trees and I had to pinch myself that I was not on the East Coast of NSW but in the heartland of Germany with some fabulous people. Now to get ready for day 2 when we go further South. 

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  1. Really enjoying the updates, sounds like you are both having a hoot!
    Enjoy it all, and hope the rain goes away soon, D x