Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Adventure Begins

The Tristar has arrived safely back in the Country where it was born and is sitting somewhere on the docks in Hamburg awaiting collection. Let's hope it gets its land legs quickly!!
Hart headed off this afternoon for Sydney ready for his flight to Hamburg tomorrow.
Here he is looking pretty excited about the journey and is looking forward to his only solo journey down the autobahn from Hamburg to Berlin, I think!! His best mate in Hamburg has arranged a GPS so all will be well.

Check out the close up of the groovy T shirts we have. These are from Australia but no doubt we will get some great merchandise at the two events we are going to!!!

This is a map of the event site at Altes Lager near Juterbog South of Berlin. Its an old airfield and has a go kart track. I am attracted to the spot that says "party area" but this might just be google translate at work!!! I also spotted that there is a pub!!

More reports to follow, Peter.

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