Friday, 14 August 2015

Syncro Overload

Here is your blog writer before setting off for the airport on the big adventure. This car will be staying Port Macquarie of course but I suspect I will be seeing lots of these soon.  
After 42 hours travelling and missing a connection in Zurich because of a flight delay and over zealous Swiss customs officials I finally got to Berlin to be met by Ann's uncle. He lives fairly close to the airport. Had some great catch up time with Ann's family and then we heard the unmistakable sound of a VW flat 4 engine in the street. Yes. Hart had made it from Hamburg to Berlin in one piece. Off to a lovely lunch by the river Hafel and it was time to hit the road to Juterbog. 

With the trusty Tom Tom loaded up with the latest Europe map, off we went. No dramas as we ended up on an autobahn and were soon at our hotel near the festival site. Just one near miss with a Merc was all there is to report and we found that the two finger salute spans continents!!
Hotel is a funky place with converted Russian railway carriages that were brand new in their day, used for hotel rooms. But first job after all the stress it was a German beer. Here are the three travellers enjoying the warm weather. 
Hotel is very interesting and fascinating what people do in this world!! German word is "schlafwagen". Google it you want to check it out. There is even a bowling alley here along with bits of old cars and railway memorabilia. 
Next morning it was off to the festival. What can I say. These events in Australia would draw maybe 30 Syncros and here there are around 900. All sorts of shapes and sizes. There was so much to see and this is only day 1!!!!!
Firstly a bit of history with the release from a VW museum of the 1978 Syncro prototype. What a rare vehicle. And it still works fine. 
Then just a variety of these vehicles in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here is a sample:

And of course some other interesting vehicles like this East German Trabant. The legendary 2 stroke car that you ordered and got delivery in 4 years if you were lucky. Made of some sort of plastic compound. This one had been "hotted" up as we say. 
Then a Syncro mad guy made this for his son. In the background you can see the food vans and the stage for the rock concert on Saturday night. 
This will finish the post for today as it's very frustrating using the wifi at our hotel on an iPad through the blogger App. 
We are heading off now for day 2 and there are lots of activities planned. Will get some photos of the locals and our hosts for the upcoming trip around Germany. Saturday will be the biggest day and it should be crowded. Plus it's hot again!!


  1. Wow Peter - this was SO interesting and all those pictures. Amazing. I can see my dear husband being VERY happy and my brother still looking the same ....It is just amazing what you are experiencing and I for one am so excited to be able to see and read as you go......the atmosphere must be insane over there and this really is an experience of a lifetime! xoxo

  2. This is just wonderful Hart & Peter. I will check more during the week.

  3. This is just wonderful Hart & Peter. I will check more during the week.

  4. This is just wonderful Hart & Peter. I will check more during the week.