Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Klingenthal to Oberzenn to Sigmaringen

Firstly a riddle. Who was the British pop group who sang "love is all around us?"
Answer "Wet Wet Wet. Yep the lovely rain on the tent was nice at the time last night but it only stopped briefly during the middle of the day and then down it came!!
But we had a fabulous trip on day 2 to an incredible place called Bastei Castle. It's like building a castle on top of the three sisters at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. Stunning views and such history. They used a catapult for defence and here are a few shots of of our visit.

Then it was off to our next camping spot and the excitement was we were going through the Czech Republic. We certainly did go through so many towns with unprouncable names and roads you would not believe. The patches of bitumen were patched and patched again. But beautiful forests and towns with hardly a soul in sight. On one hand great but on the other depressing. So different to Germany. 
We arrived at our camping spot with tents still wet from the night before and put them up in the rain. Not happy campers. But there was a bright side. The town of Klingental is right on the Czech border so a few of us headed off to a restaurant. It was so cheap and great food and beer. Steve our lovely British guy and his two kids had three full meals. He had two big beers and it came to under 20 Euros. Fantastic. My schweinsteak and crocettes washed down with a dark local beer was yummo!!
Back to the camp and into a tent that had a couple of drips. Lucky they were not over the sleeping bag.
Then we headed off for our scenic drive to Obernzenn. But first a stop to take advantage of the cheap Czech petrol. 

Along the way we had a coffee and here are two fabulous people, Willy and Erika with Hart. They are travelling the world in their Syncro and living the dream. It was just beautiful and has been lovingly maintained and has the required number of gadgets on board. Then a meeting to get shots of a castle. One of thousands in Germany. 

After that, a drive through many small town and an exciting stint on an Autobahn and we got to our campingplatz at Obenzenn. Check out the first use of sunshine for a few days!!
Our hosts got us to circle the wagons and they treated us to beer and pizza with some local wine. So great and we all ate around a central table. 19 vehicles, 23 adults, four children and a dog. Wonderful. 

After a dry sleep and a communal breakfast we headed off to a beautiful medieval town called Rothenberg. Simply amazing. A completely walled city with all the historic buildings inside. I just had to climb the main tower as the views were incredible. Here we are approaching the main part of the town. 

We walked along a part of the wall and after a bit of shopping for supplies drove away and guess what. It started raining again!! We arrived at a town called Sigmaringen which was the seat of the catholic branch of the Hohenzollern dynasty. 
Sadly setting up again in the rain but we circled the wagons and with awnings and tarps had a great communal meal again. 

Shot below is the castle from our camp ground. More to follow on my next post. We are just hoping the rain will stop!!


  1. What an interesting section of your trip Peter and those pictures are just amazing! IF only the rain would stop, that would make is so much more pleasant. And Rothenburg - those houses photographed from above look like little miniature houses. And the way they used to live - Festung after Festung - they had to protect themselves from all those enemies.....
    I find it so enjoyable to read that you all seem to get along so well and are having a brilliant time. And you have obviously worked out some sort of a routine for the "down times" - great. It's a bit like in the olden days during the gliding competitions ..... great fun. Travel safely and I am just amazed at the places you are visiting. So very different to Australia...

  2. Wow! I must say, reading this makes me very jealous. I so would love to there. You are having an incredible experience.
    Are you getting some great tips for our Syncro set up?
    And I must say, I am liking the travelling around the world!! Let's do it!!
    Hope the weather improves and you get your gear dry!
    Loads of love to you and dad.