Saturday, 15 August 2015

Day 2 - and it's Zehr Heiss

We wake up to another hot day and have a delicious breakfast, German style. Jet lag not yet gone and its light so early that we are awake and keen to get to the festival for day 2. More walking around checking out the cars that have arrived overnight and its getting close to that 900 mark we reckon. Here is a photo of a group of vans going on the tour around Germany with us from Sunday. 
The kiwis are flying the all black flag proudly and they took great delight telling me the score later in the day. I think that is the Catalan flag as we have Mark and his family from Spain on the tour. Along with Brits, French and Germans of course.
Not to be outdone we deck our two vans out in lots of Aussie stuff!!

just for interest here is a shot of a great BBQ.
There are some crazy guys here and this one bought along a military police vehicle with all the gear and have a look at the photo of the workstation inside.
Thought I should show how to do proper OHS. None of that tape and the like, and guess what. No one fell over the cables all day!!!! Not so sure about the tyre late at night!!!!
Could not resist a photo of our favourite food van. The currywurst and pommes was just sensational for lunch each day. With heaps of tomato sauce of course.
This van belongs to Joachin, who has helped out with the tour as he is an expert translator. He took this van to Australia and toured around for months. He even went across on the Spirit to Tasmania. Very proud of his photo of the boatshed on Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain. I must tell him that it is the most photographed boatshed in Australia. He is coming on the tour as well and we think he will be very useful deaing with the German Police if any of us vistors gets pulled over. It wont be for speeding I can assure you!!!
This was interesting and something very new to me. It also shows the international nature of the event. This van is from Russia. See the number plate. I wonder if Mr Putin gave them a subsidy to get here?
We spent a long afternoon wandering through the various trade sites and all three of us got a variety of spare parts and gadgets that would be much more expensive in Australia. Plus we dreamed of some great items for sale such as porsche disk brakes and springs that fit our cars. Just dont ask the price!!!
The sun got low in the sky and like good Aussies our thoughts turned to beer. We ended up in a group for some lively conversation and building of international relations. Here we are, five aussies and Joachim from Freiburg, the translation guru. Phil (Some call him Mr Syncro) and Joanne Lander had arrived for the day and joined us. Phil of course knew heaps of people here because of his many Syncro connections.
Even though the All Blacks beat the Wallabies we let Dave and Penny Finney from NZ join in for some fun. Ckeck the nice shorts made by Penny. and matching too. How cool!
The Germans really know how to party and this an interesting way to convert a VW to a fun vehicle. They were having a great time and I thought this would never happen back home. The boys had what we would call an esky in the back and with doof doof music blaring they drove around the site for a while. Such a blast!!
Later in the day it was time to get ready for the Germany tour and we had a briefing at 4.00 pm. Here is a photo of two lovely guys, Jorg and Hegi who have done most of the organising. Fantastic guys and we have already had a lot of fun with them. Just loving the German bier!!!
The day finishes with more VW Syncro talk and it's just incredible what a community it is. People from all over the world and instantly you become friends. So different from Australia with the European countries being so close you get a real feel about what is trying to be achieved with the European Union. But when we get off cars and talk about life in general it becomes clear that the future of a common currency is shaky. 
The other observation is that English is spoken by so many Europeans. Some excellent, some can just get by but if you try and use your own limited German amazing conversations can follow.
It has been the most wonderful day and friendships have grown. I think Facebook could be taking a battering when we get home as the people we have met are so keen to maintain connections.
Our hotel owners are keen for us to hang around in the morning so we can be used in a promotional photo shoot so that should be fun.
Next stop Dresden!!!!!


  1. You boys are simply having way too much fun! Great to see a little Aussie Kiw contingent imbibing in fabulous German ales! However, what is Hart drinking? Not a vodka cruiser?? Xx

  2. What an interesting story AGAIN Peter - thanks so much for the updates, the beautiful pictures and the observations in general. This reminds me a little of the gliding community during World Championships or just competitions we were part of for so long - same spirit, friendships, different nationalities all having the same interest and loving what they are doing. These friendships will never really die - people might be living in different countries but with today's technology it is so much easier to stay in touch and communicate. I can just see the kombis coming back to us loaded with more "crap" (SORRY!!! workshop here is FULL!!!!)...... oh dear!!! And how lucky were you all with the weather - can you imagine the mess on the field after you left? And of course I am SO jealous - currywurst every day !!! I will always miss certain specialities.... :( Can't wait for the next update and the new experiences incl. sleeping in tents now!!! Wonder how that goes with Hartmut's on the back of the truck? Maybe he will sneak in with you if his set up becomes too complicated and involved..... :) Have fun!!!