Friday, 21 August 2015

Castles, Zeppelins, Churches and the Black Forest

Another damp night in Sigmaringen but not our spririts. Your writer woke up with a headache from just one too many Schnapps. Willy is such a good host. A few of us headed off to the town centre and the castle of the Hohenzollern dynasty for a guided tour.  It lived up to our expectations. Simply amazing wealth and an incredible building. Our guide said that one French antique table would buy you a villa and a Lamborghini. Unfortunately strictly no photos inside. 

The castle was the residence of the various heads of the Dynasty with links to the royal houses of Europe. The first reference goes back to 1077. Prince Carl Anton grew the dynasty and managed to marry his children into the royal houses of Europe and Scandinavia. The castle was full of antiques, armour and weaponry displays. They must have taxed their subjects to the maximum possible to amass such wealth. We toured the private rooms of Princess Josephine and saw where they had their lavish receptions. The current Prince lives nearby and the castle is still used for ceremonial purposes. We walked around the town after the tour and had a very relaxing time.

After seeing all that opulence it was back on the road and we headed off for Konstanz by the lake Bodensee to the Zeppelin museum. Once again we were amazed at the history and the museum had a fabulous collection of memorabilia and a direct copy of one section of the Hindenberg. We learned that the Zeppelins were actually very successful and flew hundreds of times until the terrible disaster of the Hindenberg in the USA. Look at the size of that thing compared to an A380. 
This is the smoking room!! In a ship full of hydrogen. 

Off to our campingplatz after a ferry across the Bodensee. Very pleasant to be on the lake and interesting to look to the horizon and see Switzerland.

We were joined by Steve and his family from Washington. They had bought a 16" camper in the Netherlands, picked it up and drove to meet up with the group. Of course we poured over the vehicle to check it out as it was a special luxury camper version called a Club Joker. Another night with a very heavy dew but we stayed dry. Most of the group went off to a restaurant but Hart and I stayed back and I cooked some food that needed to used. Of course a cook has to have a beer while cooking. Willy forced another schnapps on us!!!!!!

Next morning we drove to the town of Konstanz and had some relaxing time. I walked up to the top of the Munster Cathedral. It's a very impressive building with a very interesting ancient spire that you can walk up for two euros. Of course I had to do it and got some great photos.
Many church figures are buried in the Cathedral and have at look at the date on this tomb in the floor!!

The whole town has beautiful architecture.

Next another blast for the senses as once we got out of a traffic jam we drove through the Black Forest  towards Freiburg. A tour was planned but we were all so tired we decided just to chill out. Great chance to dry out the tents.

We are down to 10 vehicles but more IG Club members are going to join us. Again the community spirit of the group is wonderful and despite some language barriers all is going really well. Our hosts have very good English and it's embarrassing that my German is so far behind!! But a few beers tonight and all will be well.

Tomorrow it's off to a fabulous Auto museum in France. 


  1. And another one of those amazing reports with so much info, pictures and history. So great that you decided to do this - at some point in the future I hope we can make an album of this to relive this journey. And oh yes the Hohenzollern!! The current prince is married to Caroline from Monaco but I think she gave up on him..... and left... From what I read the different nationalities within the group are making for interesting conversations and show you that even though you are all coming from different countries in the world and don't speak the same language - it works and you are having heaps of fun. And the Schnapps - oh lala - strong stuff!!
    I am always getting excited when I see a TRISTAR GOES HOME email in my inbox - then I make a coffee first before settling down and reading the latest.....
    Hopefully you have sunshine from now on. Looking forward to the next episode.....

    1. I agree, must be amazing...sharing stories in that group. I suppose it is a bit like our international gliding group. X

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  3. Oh my what did D write that resulted in the removal of her comment!!