Thursday, 9 July 2015

Where is the Tristar?

As I said in the previous post, the Tristar is on its way to Germany on a container ship.
The ship has the unusual name of CMA CGM Quartz. Here it is.Just look at all those containers and there are more below decks. Its specifications state it can take 2154 40 ft containers. Hope the two VWs inside their container are well secured. You can track the vessel using a few web sites. I used one called, obviously, Marine Tracker. Quite incredible how many ships there are on the worlds oceans. Here is the link to the site for anyone who is interested:

Hart had an interesting experience on the docks at Botany and experienced what is wrong with Australia's Port infrastructure. But he worked his way through it all with the help of the freight company and eventually the two Syncros were loaded.
Here is a photo of the Tristar being loaded into its container. This was the culmination of months of work by Hart's wife Elke to arrange the transport and luckily the family had a great contact in the international freight business which really helped. Sending  a car to Germany and back is not simple and an interesting aspect is that you have to have a customs document with the lovely name of "Carnet de Passage en Douane". It's for the temporary import of certain goods such as vehicles and it's like a guarantee that you wont leave the car in the country you are visiting. Also confirms that you will obey all the rules and regulations of the visiting country. It took a lot of work but Elke got one for the trip.

Well there's not much more to report other than on 10 July 2015 the CGA CGM Quartz was in the Red Sea after leaving Cochin in SW India heading to Suez.

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  1. What a great app that Marine Tracker is. Nice to see the boat is still floating and it is just passing Barcelona...hope it is careful and doesn't bang into the plethora of vessels sailing in the Balearic Sea! Learnt something new today!