Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Update and Trip Details

Excitement is building as we get close to our departure for Germany. Hartmut leaves on 3 August and I leave on 12 August and meet up in Berlin with Hart and the Tristar.
The ship has left Genoa and is on its way to Tilbury in the UK so it's getting closer!!

More interesting facts. In the story that follows I mention a Syncro 16" version. VW made about 2,000 of these and they were a rugged version of the Syncro. They had 16" wheels and a lot of chassis and body strengthening. They were intended for serious off road uses and VW hoped the military might buy them. In the end they were not popular, hence the low production numbers. There is an active club of Syncro 16" owners in Germany.

The Itinerary

The 30 year Syncro event is being held at an old airfield in Juterbog near Berlin on 14 to16 August 2015. After that the local Syncro 16" club has organised a trip around Germany for a couple of weeks. It's so good of them and we are very grateful for their efforts in putting it all together.
Starting from Juterbog we head South-East in a group of Syncros with local 16" Club guides and do a lap of the Country finishing up in Hamburg. They have organised a great trip with lots of scenic routes and visits to tourist spots. For example we will be visiting the Zeppelin museum and the Auto museum in Mulhouse in France. Also swinging by Munich on our way. Here is a map of the trip and note the fabulous logo the guys have prepared. This will be on all our vehicles.
The club has also produced stickers and name badges so it will be a very professional looking tour.

The UK Leg

After the trip we then drive to Calais and take a ferry across the channel to get to a town called Malvern in the Midlands of England for the biggest VW Bus event in the world!! It's called Busfest and I have been warned that the wallet and credit card could take a bashing with all the VW stuff that will be available. This is will be in early September. We will no doubt see some fantastic vehicles.
After we calm down after so much VW excitement its back to Hamburg so the Tristar can be reunited with its container for the trip back to Australia. We arrive back in Australia on 17 September and then Hart has the long wait for his pride and joy to make it back to Sydney.
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  1. Great blog. I will be following eagerly.

    By the way, most people in the UK wouldn't consider Malvern to be in the north. There is an invisible line somewhere between Sheffield and Nottingham where you transition from being in the Midlands to the North.

    The Aussie Syncro's will enjoy being on the right (left) side of the road for a bit!

    Hope all goes well.